The Stuff of Motherhood

I've been feeling quiet lately. Nothing amazing to share, no extraordinary story to tell. The thoughts that accompany the joys and pains of daily life are often left un-excavated and unsifted, left on the nightstand for later. But later has been filled with many other things.

Things like bandages, conflict resolution over Lincoln Logs, sowing seeds with little fingers, listening to World War II facts, demonstrating the fine art of cleaning a toilet to future husbands, telling childhood stories to young ears, feeding the souls of child-like faith, heralding all that is truly praise-worthy, and spending more time thinking on how to be progressing and not digressing in this season of my life.

This is the stuff of motherhood. To be ever-present in the mundane and trite, to be deliberate in the noteworthy and catalyst moments, and to be pressing fervently into greater Christ-likeness in the midst of unrelenting weariness. This is what I want to be celebrated for this weekend.

Happy Mother's Day!


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