The Significance Of Names + What's New In The Shoppe

You may have noticed that I usually refer to my boys by number. In case you were wondering, they do have names and I never call them by the correct ones. I don't use my kids' names on this blog mostly because I don't really write stories about my kids or chronicle our family activities. I have just chosen a different way to tell my story....and hopefully point to something bigger than the eight of us in it.

My vision for this little space on the web is to write stores about Christ and the grace he gives that produces life...grace that beats down the muck and the mire of sin and complacency in the everyday life of motherhood and domesticity. And these days, I'm sharing more about reflecting the Master Artist through the creative voice he gives each of us....

I adore the significance of names. Someone asked me recently either on Instagram or Facebook, to share how I chose my boys' names. I guess after almost seven years of blogging, today would be as good of a day as any. These are the boy names we have represented in our home...and hopefully, it will reveal a little something about our hearts and what our prayers are for each of our boys...

Caleb- named for the courageous Caleb of the Bible

Liam- "warrior-protector" (and because Troy loves all things Irish)

Judah- because Christ was a descendent of the tribe of Judah

Livingstone (Stone)- named after David Livingstone, missionary to Africa

Asa- one of the faithful kings of Judah

Haddon- named after Charles Haddon Spurgeon, the "prince of preachers"...hero of the faith

I've been doing lots of custom orders lately...orders for folks who care about names, too. I love hearing each of your stories, and learning the significance of certain flowers or the heritage of a name. I value the prayers you pray over your children and consider it a privilege to pen them and create artwork that will accompany those names.


Here are some of the new things in the shoppe that might help you tell the story of your favorite names...


The Customizable Floral Wreath with Monogram...

In addition to the Floral Wreath I have listed in the shoppe, I've now created an option for the "Rugged Wreath." For being a boy mom, it sure took me a long time to create something masculine and customizable in my shoppe! 

With both the Floral Wreaths and the Rugged Wreaths, I give you the option to request four painted elements and a single letter monogram. For those who would like to include a full name, a short phrase, or the meaning of a name, I've now added a listing for "Additional Lettering." 

I'd love to do custom work for you...because each hand-painted piece is unique, just like names and the individuals they belong to. 

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Thanks for supporting what God's called me to here, on the blog, and through the ministry of blessing through painting.

Hope you have a restful and renewing weekend!

Because of grace,

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