The Praise You Can't Give In Heaven

I recently heard a speaker ask this question at a conference for Christian educators:

"What is the praise you can't give in heaven?"

Intriguing, huh? He had my attention.

The praise that we can't give in heaven is the praise that we choose to give in the midst of trials and suffering. Right now, while on Earth, is the only time you will ever have the opportunity to give praise to God through pain and difficulty, through trials and testing, through loss and grief. We get to give Him praise in spite of the circumstances.

You may be, like many of us who were receiving this encouragement last week, endeavoring to do something beyond your measure of ability, courage, upbringing, or circumstance. Perhaps you are getting out of debt, or raising your kids in spite of your own upbringing. Perhaps you are the only follower of Christ in a hostile family, or maybe you, too, have endeavored to start a school or church.

Regardless of how overwhelming the task or how great the calling, we have the opportunity to praise Him in the midst of every season. While there is still striving, still imperfection, still fear, still's the praise we can choose to offer Him. The praise you can't give in heaven.


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