The Power of Cluster

You know I have a thing for succulents. Waxy, green, sculptural plants that require very little work--what's not to love?

I move my indoor plants around quite regularly; it changes the entire look of a room with very little effort. My most recent table display includes various succulents and airplants, mixed in with clear glass, candles, and a femininely sculpturesque phalaeonopsis for balance. It feels fresh, bold, and a little bit sophisticated.

It may have been Martha Stewart that said that any humble object or flower, when clustered in quantity, becomes luxurious and uncommon. Carnations, baby's breath, and even grass, can be strong arrangements when used in mass quantities. (I posted a few weeks ago about making extraordinary arrangements out of ordinary cut bouquets if you want some simple ideas.)



So, don't underestimate the power of clustering! Gathering several like-objects or textures, and grouping them in a charming, or unexpected way, makes for a surprisingly simple tablescape with grand impact...often with no more than a little shopping around your own home. It's all in the way your look at it.

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