The Perfectly Basted Egg

You might think I have an obsession with eggs after this postthis post, and this post. Can you really blame me? It is the simplest and most versatile thing in the kitchen! This may be old news to you, but you can actually make perfectly basted eggs at home...not fried...but gorgeously basted over-easy, over-medium, or sunny side up. Without frying. That's just too good not to share.

Perfectly Basted Egg

Step 1: Start with fresh eggs. Make one or two at a time.

Step 2: Spray non-stick pan with cooking spray, and heat at medium high heat. Have a teaspoon of water ready.

Step 3: Gently place eggs in heated pan.

Step 4: Add the one teaspoon of water to the eggs, and place tightly fitted lid onto pan.

Step 5: Keep lid closed for 45 seconds for over-medium, a tad less for over-easy, a tad more if you want your yolks well-done. Remove lid, slide eggs onto a plate; salt and pepper as desired.

Step 6: Enjoy your perfectly basted eggs with toast. That's it!

Now wasn't that easy?

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