The Golden Hour {Family Session With Beth Wells}

The Golden Hour {Family Session With Beth Wells}

We're not the family that gets our photos done annually. I've always been either pregnant, or breastfeeding. We either have a newborn, or one of the boys has scraped up his face. There's always someone in six who hasn't had a haircut in far too long...or had one that shouldn't be photographed. 

But, praise God for friends who offer to photograph our motley crew and take us just as we are on a weeknight after supper. Here in New Mexico, the golden hour is especially glorious...that time of night is a sea of warmth to perfectly complement the ever-growing, breathing, changing, living thing that we call family.  Don't wait for perfect...that's not what you want to remember anyway. Bandaged up, messy hair, weighty hearts....sometimes they are more worth capturing than you may think. The golden hour casts a glow upon all that may have felt harsh or unpleasant at another time in another season. So it is with photography...I'm grateful to have these reminders of the sweetest glow we can remember of this moment in time in this slice of the story of us.

Grateful for our photo session with the talented Beth Wells of Lizanne Photography. Beth travels throughout the Southwest to capture weddings, engagements and family sessions in exquisite locations. Based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Beth captures both landscape and nuances of relationship. I'm grateful she spent some time recently capturing our crew. 

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