The Glory Thief

The Glory Thief

There is a waiting game going on at our house right now. And yet, because of the time-sensitive nature surrounding our situation, we are racing toward a finish line...a line that feels somewhat unclear and indefinite. The pull of sprinting forward and patiently resting in the now...

One part of the details is that we put our house up on the market last week, without preplanning or extensive staging. We listed our house for the whole world to see, and have attempted to make it show-worthy...with six boys in tow. (It is one thing to have home-tour pictures taken, but living in a show-worthy home is an entirely different thing altogether. Can I get an AMEN?) We must sell our house right away if we are to acquire what we hope for. We've had ONE showing. I don't think we are overpriced, I don't think our home is less than lovely...but I DO think the boys' bunk room in the master bedroom could throw people off--people with no imagination. And my winter garden. And my unfinished touch ups. All things should not keep someone from pursuing our home, but could and likely will. 

The selling and hopeful purchase of a house has come right in the middle of the busiest few weeks of our Spring: a birthday trip, my trip to Phoenix for Be Crafty, another trip this weekend to Dallas for Hope Spoken, and our school's annual fundraising Gala in early April, in which both Troy and I are are highly involved. I could not be busier, more overwhelmed, or more tempted to anxiety. 

And yet, I asked for Him to answer however He chooses...

And if He chooses to do His work in our lives through: timing that makes no sense, circumstances that seem impossible, and fearful hearts...if He chooses to use such things, I know that it is HE WHO RECEIVES THE GLORY.

And I, the glory thief, find that I have nothing to steal, nothing to claim for my own kingdom.

That is mercy indeed.

So, as I can not yet fill in the details, will you: pray with us? pray for us? anticipate along our journey with us...that God is who he says he is.

When we are waiting for an answer, a resolution, a change, a wrong to be made right, or His will to be known...

...we need only do what we know to do, be faithful right where we are, rest in the ALREADY revealed will of God in our sanctification, and PRAISE HIM for caring enough to remove the highway to magnifying ourselves and our own sufficiency...

...and to take us down the less traveled paths of trusting and obeying. The path where we can only follow him one illumined step at a time. 

The thief prowls around ready to snatch whatever he can claim as his own...but she who entrusts ALL to her Father's care owns nothing, and no one, not even she, herself-- the glory thief-- can steal what is fiercely his.


Praising Jesus today, that while so much may be unknown and not yet revealed...our home and adoption in Him IS ESTABLISHED and His GLORY proclaimed through His perfect will UNMOVED.

And to that end, I rejoice. And wait. You, too, friend? We can do it together.

Because everything else is just more grace,

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