The Essentials

I'm so quick to form all my lists and plans for myself and for my kids each day. Without deliberate consideration or guarding, things like making beds and completing all tasks efficiently wiggle their way up to the top of the list of essentials. How about making the essentials truly essential, and letting all the rest spill forth in the overflow?

I begin again...

What my kids really need today:

1. Parents that smile.

2. The sound of harmony, not dischord.

3. A gentle word and a soft touch.

4. An attentive ear.

5. Order, not chaos.

6. To experience forgiveness; to extend forgiveness.

7. An awareness of the needs of others.

8. Arrows pointing all things to the Cross.

9. Parents who pray for them audibly and inaudibly.

10. The Word of God spoken, heard, seen, and felt.

Have a wonderful day focusing on the essentials.


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