The Dangerous Book


All of you who know me know that our family resents the television. Not that any of us, including the toddler, aren't mesmerized or enticed at times by it's many charms and kitschy pageantry of eye candy. We would just rather do anything--talk, learn, explore, play, look at each other--than sit in front of the tube. So, our six year old's birthday present from friends fits perfectly into our entertainment paradigm. He received a copy of The Dangerous Book for Boys. You can find a good overview of the book here.

Caleb asked me why the book was called "Dangerous." I told him that if he learned all the information and how to do everything in the book, he'd be one dangerous boy. That fueled his fire. He is now making plans to grow crystals. construct a bow and arrow, properly skin a rabbit, and build a tree house. Needless to say, he can't put the book down. (Ironically, just prior to receiving the book, Caleb had constructed his own zip line, which he lovingly called a "hand tram," that provided quick access from the top deck of the playset to ground zero...the kid lives for danger.)

Here's a cute trailer for the book:

For all you who have adventurous lasses, there's The Daring Book for Girls too. Both books are all about getting back to the basics--of how to be a kid. And we all could use a little bit more of that kind of danger.

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