The Cherry Blossoms Painting

Every year around this time, the school The Preacher and I helped to start hosts a dinner and silent auction gala. If you've been reading here for long, you may remember the photos of previous years, and the past paintings I've done for this fundraising event.

I've posted about my painting process before. A good painting (in my own opinion and aesthetic) always has many many translucent layers, built one on top of the other. I inevitably loathe my painting at some point, and declare it a failure. :) And...without exception, it turns around, and I know the painting is complete when I start thinking of ways to redecorate or repaint my house in order to keep the painting for myself. So it was with the cherry blossoms this year.

I began with various hues in the blue-green family. I knew this layer would be covered several times over, so I simply allowed myself the freedom to play with color and texture. The process is the thing!

Cherry Blossoms01

It's difficult to capture the lovely texture and layers of this painting. I love moments like these in the background. Some have said they see a face here. Cool, but unintentional.

Cherry Blossoms03

The painting was initially inspired by this photo of a flowering quince in bloom, taken by my friend Christian. Here is the painting in progress...

Cherry Blossoms04

Cherry Blossoms09

Cherry Blossoms10

...and completed...

Cherry Blossoms06

Cherry Blossoms08

Everything that truly matters in life requires heart and soul. It requires passion and perseverance. I love that painting, for me as an artist, is a metaphor for the very process of building a school that I believe in. The final product may be everything you had hoped for and more, but ultimately, the journey to seeing the beauty of it revealed, is the greatest joy of all.

(If you are local, and would love a chance at purchasing this painting, contact me tickets to the Gala!)

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