The Best Five Minutes


One of my Christmas presents has proven to be a gift that apparently keeps on giving. I requested Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking, which, as promised, has turned bread and baked goods at this house on its head. My current confidence in breadmaking has little to do with instinct, patience, or skill, but rather my inner rotund, European peasant woman that has emerged from the pages of this book.

Here are some reasons why I love this book:

1. I'm saving money baking my own sandwich, artisan, and dessert breads. 2. It really only takes me a few minutes, including clean-up. 3. I only dirty one container, one spoon, and a few measuring utensils. That's it. 4. I don't adjust for high altitude, and everything's coming out perfect. 5. No kneading, no punching. 6. No preservatives, ever. 7. My family thinks I'm amazing.

Perfect crusty bread for dipping in olive oil.


Ideal texture for paninis!

download-18 to win my husband's heart:


...and, how to win mine:


So, if you've ever wanted to make baguettes, brioche, naan, cinnamon rolls, and all varieties of crusty artisan bread, but haven't because of time and effort...this book is worth owning. It may change the way you look at baking forever.

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