The Bedroom Redo

Time for the big reveal! I know many of you have been eagerly anticipating pictures of my completed bedroom makeover project...and I have been so eager to share them! Many elements of the room are not yet completed, but I couldn't wait until everything was perfect. The preacher hasn't gotten his study/desk area of the room quite cleaned up yet, either,'ll have to wait on that as well, as you can't put demands on intellectual and spiritual genius! *grin*  I decoupaged an old box with various black and white papers for his nightstand--so as to gracefully hide all the things a man really needs to have a purse for!  The preacher also has a vintage-inspired African travel poster above his desk, a reminder of his great love for flying and Africa.  I love that it complements the room so a masculine way.

The new quilt is amazing. My in-laws did an exquisite job piecing this bedspread together. I so look forward to sharing this heirloom-quality piece of artistry with my children's children, as it captures not only Mom and Dad's craftsmanship and love, but also my personal sense of style and design. It is special beyond words, and I now get to enjoy it everyday as I make my bed. Thank you, Mom and Dad!

I am really loving my little work space/studio. It's not as amazing a this one, but it's my own. The walls are a bit sparse, and I have not yet found all the ways to organize it in a pretty fashion. I would love to have a dress form someday, and perhaps some pretty baskets for storage. Any other suggestions? One of the things I love most about redecorating, is to deliver maximum change through minimum purchase. I like to shop and borrow from my own home, and repaint inexpensive pieces as room decor changes. One of the few purchases I made for the new decor was the "over-john" cabinet, meant for the bathroom. I'm using it to store fabrics, sharp scissors, and random supplies. Under it, I hung a small set of coat hooks with vintage knobs so that incomplete aprons or purses can find a home when I'm not sewing. I bought matching knobs to replace the silver ones originally on the cabinet. Not counting the incredible value in the gift of the quilt, this room redo cost us only about $100! Not bad for a whole new sense of rest and respite in this soon-to-be home of six!

Coming soon...more evidence of "nesting" throughout the house! I am a machine!!...until November.

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