The 7 Laws of Teaching

We are all teachers. Some of us have classrooms. Some of us have five yr. olds who want to learn to tie their shoelaces. Whether you are teaching Shakespeare or basic math facts, there are seven simple things to keep in mind.

The Seven Laws of Teaching by John Milton Gregory

Law 1: The Law of the Teacher

A teacher must be one who KNOWS the lesson or truth to be taught. (You've gotta know your stuff.)

Law 2: The Law of the Learner

A learner is one who ATTENDS with interest to the lesson given. (You have to have their attention.)

Law 3: The Law of the Language

The language used as a MEDIUM between teacher and learner must be COMMON to both. (Use common language.)

Law 4: The Law of the Lesson

The lesson to be learned must be explicable in the terms of truth already known by the learner- the UNKNOWN must be explained by the KNOWN. (Go from known to unknown.)

Law 5: The Law of the Teaching Process

Teaching is AROUSING and USING the pupil's mind to form in it a desired conception or thought. (Make it active and interesting.)

Law 6: The Law of the Learning Process

Learning is THINKING into one's own UNDERSTANDING the new idea or truth. (Put it in your own words.)

Law 7: The Law of Review

The test and proof of teaching--the finishing and fastening process must be a RE-VIEWING, RE-THINING, RE-KNOWING, and RE-PRODUCING of the knowledge taught." (Review, review, review!)

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