Thanks, On The Shores of Grace.

Thanks, On The Shores of Grace.

Have you ever considered...

Every blessing we give thanks for seems to have an equally tender lesson in trust, loss, hope, and sanctification as its context? The way of thanks is paved with a million little moments of doubt, fear, or thanklessness, but we often forget that it's so. Our ability to give thanks and praise is because our faithful God turns our hearts to himself. He causes us to not be satisfied with the kind of answers we alone can give or provide. He makes us to long for Him...and then He gives himself to us. 

And so, when we give thanks...we are really saying, "Thank you, Lord, for allowing my heart to see the way you've accomplished your purposes in my life."

Where would we be without thanks? We'd be looking at life through our own limited and finite perspective. Thanks is the praise we were created for...that He enables us to.

And so, I give thanks, Lord:

  • For my wonderful husband...and for how much harder marriage is than I ever thought it'd be, because it keeps me loving You.
  • For my six boys...and for daily challenge of patience, kindness, and striving to be a wiser parent, because the struggle makes me remember I'm a child of the King.
  • For two amazing years at GraceLaced Shoppe...and for the seasons of doubt and learning, because I've continually learned that it all belongs to You.
  • For my dear friends...and for the loss of one of the sweetest in my life, because I'm reminded that life is a breath and to love well is a gift in itself.
  • For the many professional opportunities that lie ahead...and for the years of wandering in the desert of not knowing how the Lord would ever use my giftings, because they now serve Him and not myself.

So many more come to mind...but do you see? Every blessing I could count reminds me that the joys are sweet on account of the heartaches and challenges that have washed me onto the shores of Grace. 

Thanksgiving turns our heads to see how far we've come and how faithful He is in leading us. And the beautiful thing is that: wherever you are on the journey, there is always room to look both ways and give thanks to the One who is worthy of praise.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, friends!

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Because of grace,

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