Thank God For You Printable

November 24, 2013

Thank God For You Printable

It's Thanksgiving week, and we are all anticipating precious time with family and friends, as we travel, prepare our homes, and spend hours in the kitchen. Relationships are at the heart of the holiday season...

...But, sometimes those we love the most say things we are most ready to forget. Sometimes those who have our hearts are still learning what to do with that privilege. There will be hearty helpings of grace, forgiveness, compassion, and love served up at the table this Thanksgiving week. You see, it is much easier to pass on grace when we are actively GIVING THANKS for WHO we share the table with.

I'm offering a "Thank God For You" printable PDF for only $5.00 in the shoppe...that reminds us to do that very thing: to remember and give thanks

Some ideas for using the 8x10 printable? Frame it for a hostess gift...consider giving them as gifts for the guests at your Thanksgiving table...or, laminate it and use it as a placemat! 

Let's go into this holiday season, and this Thanksgiving week, remembering to give thanks for the work God's doing in each of our those he brings to your table this week.

Because of Grace,


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