Tea Cozies

A hot pot of tea, a couple of girlfriends, a few platefuls of decadent morsels, a bunch of lilacs, 2-3 uninterrupted hours, and a cheery disposition--a perfect recipe for an afternoon tea. Teatimes are about details...the food, the decor, the conversation. One simple way to make your tea extra special is to unveil your fragrant pot of tea with a pretty tea cozy. What I love about tea is not really the lacey gloves, frilly hats, or the sense of being a socialite, but rather the more accessible version of honoring and indulging my guests (who may be everyday moms) with a beautiful portrait of graciousness through feeling celebrated. Cute and pretty over fussy and elitist. Despite the current popularity of taking tea, it's surprisingly difficult to find simply elegant but contemporary tea cozies that are functional insulators as well. I've recently tried my hand at designing and sewing my own in hopes of offering a fresh look to teatime for other tea lovers. Take a peek...


This is one of my favorites....the color of the photo doesn't do it justice. How cute is the doily?


This one's so fun for the ball fringe and yo yo detail. A spin on French Provencial.


 Each of the cozies have a contrasting, finished interior. I guess they could be reversible, but I really just like the surprise of a different fabric.

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