Sydney's Song

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In ministry, you have the privilege of walking through the greatest joys in another's life, but sometimes the greatest heartaches. Four years ago, our dear friends who were attending our church at that time, lost their baby girl at 8 months in utero. I will never forget that day--the day we received that call, the day The Preacher drove down to the hospital to share in a grief he has never known.

Grief, loss, mourning...a journey of the heart that trudges through the treacherous waters of doubt and crosses the rivers of emotion. It's a journey that, for our friends, have seen bitter tears, desperate hearts, and ultimately, a greater tenacity for the fullness of life in Christ. It's a process four-years in the making, and it's a heart's cry that has now been penned into song.

I want to share it with you today.

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He gives and takes away You were never meant to stay... in our arms

Goodbyes they come too soon Our dreams, they died with you... that day

And while we trust, our hearts ache for you And while we live, we live still without you

Hallelujah, this broken heart is His to mend Hallelujah, He breathes new life in me again Hallelujah, He is Peace, the Risen Lamb Hallelujah, the sting of death is in His hands

He gives and takes away He was never meant to stay... in this world

Goodbyes they came too soon Our hope, it died with You.. And Rose Again!

Her empty arms His father's heart is torn in two Jesus you came, to make the sad untrue

words and music Ian/Alyssa Byrd registered BMI/thunderbyrd music

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