Sweet Forgetfulness

October 14, 2007

Everything looks rosier through the lens of reminiscence. Reflection, sleep, and sweet photographs do wonders, as well, for PVSS: post-vacation stress syndrome. Tell me if these pictures don't dissolve all feelings of anxiety, weariness, and frustration. Maybe it's just me. I do have three children--evidence that I don't retain the trauma of childbirth either...







And check out the new video on the vodpod of Judah sitting still and eating! at a Mexican restaurant on our way home! He was so happy eating pinto beans (and feeling the effects of the beans) and salsa! I guess he just needed to come back to the Great Southwest.


SHIPPING HIATUS starting june 11

Monday, June 10 will be the last day to place an order to receive it in the month of June!

Our team will be traveling internationally for the next couple weeks. While we're away THE SHOPPE WILL REMAIN OPEN and shipping on all orders placed after June 10 will resume on June 25.