Summer Road Trip, Part 2

I'm popping in to share some quick photos of our day at the Durango Mountain Resort over the weekend. You've seen our past trips to Durango, and know how much we love it...but as this was our first time at the Alpine Slide, the kids quickly deemed this visit as one of the most memorable.

And for the record, I went on my first zipline, 65 ft. off the ground. I couldn't believe how nervous and shaky I was! I said to the gal strapping me in, "I've birthed five children, 4 completely naturally--I can do this!!" :)

I survived unscathed. Wobbly, but alive. I like wobbly and alive!

We were so thankful for a day of gorgeous weather, fun memories, and a reminder that life's true adventure is not how fast you go, or how far you can fall...the craziest, most daring thing our family is pursuing has nothing to do with speed or adrenaline. We are living out the paradox of a Gospel-driven life...and it's truly adventure enough for me.



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