Summer Road Trip, Part 1

We are on the road! (In case you missed me the last day or two :). ) We are taking a weeklong trip north, stopping along some of our favorite spots.

We arrived at a friend's family cabin yesterday near Heron Lake. The boys asked to go down to the lake to simply check things out...

Checking things out quickly turned into testing the water...

And testing the water became an all-out swim, without swimwear or towels, for that matter...

They were having a blast, and The Preacher and I just chose to laugh and not fret. The boys rode back to the cabin naked as jay birds. :) But they had fun being boys.

Today we are spending the day in Chama, NM, watching the morning train depart and investigating the old train yard in this quaint town.

Everyone's taking a quick juice and coffee break at the internet cafe. Then we are off to break out the bagel sandwiches I made for lunch at the park.

Tomorrow we are off to Durango!

There are few things I love more than climbing hills and mountains with my six men, offering praise for God's marvelous down, hearts open.

Whether vacationing or not, life is always a road trip, wouldn't you say?



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