Stitch by Stitch

I do a lot of thinking while I work with my hands. And now that summer is finally upon us, I intend to think myself silly contemplate quietly while I complete the pillows you all so kindly weighed in on. I've also got some thinking opportunities swirling around my head in the form of Anthropologie copycat projects, but we'll see if I ever get to that level of rumination.

For now, I've been busying my fingers finishing a merino wool/alpaca cap for my man. Yes, I realize it is almost 90 degrees out, but I figure if I do a few stitches a day, he might actually get to wear it next Christmas. With a gazillion single crochets stitched by my amateur fingers, I am sure I will log a hundred hours and have the world all figured out in my head by the time I'm through. Number 1's also put in a request for one to match his Dad. My family has so much confidence in me. (If you want to match my hubby and my oldest, you can find the pattern for their cap here.)

While sewing and crocheting provide little in the way of instant gratification, it's fruitfulness is measured stitch by stitch, moment by moment, thought by thought, hour by hour. Transformation is a process. It is this way with so many things in life. Motherhood, gardening...sanctification, and the study of the Scriptures. Stitch by stitch, moment by moment, day by day, hour by hour. Enjoy the investment of time and energy; the journey is the thing.

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