Spiced Apple Herbal Cooler and The Mason Bar Company Review and Giveaway

We are a family of 8 here.

In my ideal world, everyone in my family would use only one drinking glass each per day. In my ideal world, those glasses would be easily identifiable as to who it belongs. And in this ideal world, these drinking glasses would be cute and pleasant to look at when left out all day.

I found my ideal solution to form and function at The Mason Bar Company. Spill-proof, BPA-free mason jar drinking glasses with straws and accessories? I swoon. This lovely shop generously sent me a mason jar tumbler set for each person in our family. What a blessing! 

The kids were ecstatic when our package arrived. They each picked a straw color and they could not have been more enthusiastic about keeping track of their own cups. Did you hear what I said? All you moms of littles just sighed "Hallelujah." 

Troy and I enjoyed our 24 oz. tumblers, the four older ones sipped out of their 16 oz. tumblers, and the 2 yr. old hugged the stuffins out of his tiny 8 oz. tumbler (and of course, Haddon is still drinking from the tap. :) ) 

We have a tradition of afternoon tea time around here. It's not always formal, but it usually involves a bit of a snack, and a lot of giggles and wannabe grown-up conversations. 

To break in our new tumblers, we went to a favorite decaf tea around here, Good Earth.. We created our own simple spiced herbal cooler...

Spiced Apple Herbal Cooler

  • 4 bags Good Earth tea
  • Boiling water
  • Apple cider

Brew up a strong batch of Good Earth tea by adding 8 cups boiling water to 4 teabags. Steep for 15 minutes. Add apple cider to taste. Pour over ice, and enjoy!

So, the generous ladies at The Mason Bar Company are giving away a $30 store credit to one of you lucky readers! I told you they were generous! Good luck!

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