Soul Food


The Lord knows just what we need. We spent the evening Friday night with our new friends, Tim and Cara, who we met through Oak Grove. The four of us enjoyed a relaxing evening sans children. The conversation was rich and the food was amazing. Our friends blessed us with a spectacular feast at Zinc, where we sampled Crispy Duck Confit Eggrolls, Seared Rare Ahi Tuna, and an array of luscious main courses. It was prom night for our tastebuds. Our evening concluded at Flying Star, where we talked some more over dessert and tea. The Lord provided in so many ways through our special evening, the greatest of which was in the form of answered prayer: more strength for the journey through the companionship of like-minded friends.


Then, tonight, my brother and his wife treated us to a family-style Chinese dinner at Chopstix. My brother, Eric, was the first to discover this "hole in the wall," and we've all felt that it was a little piece of authentic heaven ever since. The owner makes homemade jiaozi with chives--just like my mom's. We also ordered up Eggplant in Garlic Sauce, Salt and Pepper Calamari, and spicy Orange Beef. The kids gorged themselves on Egg Drop Soup and rice. Our evening with Eric and Abby ended at their apartment, where we indulged in an assortment of decadent chocolate desserts from Trader Joe's while watching scenes from High School Musical (which I'd never seen.) The cousins played with Mr. Potatohead and the babydoll stroller. It was a perfect Sunday evening.

What is it with food and fellowship that ministers to body and soul? The pattern is demonstrated throughout the Scriptures: Jesus feeding the multitudes, the meals with the disciples, the early Church, just to name a few. Troy preached this morning about mercy, and how the message is often received more sincerely with physical provision. Though our family knows clearly the message of Grace, we were blessed with the face of Grace this weekend through thoughtful meals and soulful fellowship. Our Father does know just what we need...but He so often provides just what we desire as well.

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