Some Things of Importance.

I think most of us struggle to admit that we can't do it all.

Well, I will say it loud and clear: I can't, and I don't, do it all. 

The illusion that we can, in fact, max out our schedules without consequence, is a lie that leaves many of us feeling discouraged, inadequate, and burned out. That's not how we are meant to live! Though it may not feel like it sometimes, the Lord gives us enough hours in a day. It's how we choose to use the time he gives us.

I'm sharing about these things (and something about rocks!) over at Beautifully Rooted today.

DSC_0002Won't you join me there?

Be encouraged, friends...He's not through with us yet.


And by the way...I'm an Auntie again. My new nephew was born last night!

I'm in love.



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