Soccer Mom

A soccer mom I've never aspired to be As music and art is my personal reprieve

Their dad enjoys hiking and man vs. wild And rarely watches a game on the tube for a smile

Sitting on Saturdays beneath a hot sun Has never been my idea of fun

But alas, the love for our kids and their affections Has driven us to re-consider our anti-soccer direction

"As long as we don't split up every night of the week, Or pick up nuggets as dinner so to speak."

I willingly succumbed to the schedule and gear Keeping in mind that there is nothing to fear

Nothing but injuries and sweaty laundry galore Nothing but the end of Tchaikovsy and folklore

"Stop worrying," their dad says, "It's only a season." "Besides, what's learned on the field could stand to reason."

For life is not merely a game of skill But one of perseverance, even to die on a hill

And while my kids may know their own gifts There's nothing like teamwork that makes the shift

From: I can or I cannot based on my own ability To: I can contribute bricks; build a city

So, now twice a week for this phase in my life My kiddos don shin guards and run with all might

And while a reluctant soccer mom I may be I'm expressing in a small way that it's not about me.

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