Simply Nesting: Wk 3 {The Laundry Room}

Two weeks down and two weeks to go of our Simply Nesting project! If you are new here, Welcome! I'm doing a nesting challenge for myself and anyone who cares to join me in the remaining weeks of this pregnancy, hoping to stay motivated to simplify, clean-out, and organize the spaces in my life I use the most, but seem to maintain the least! We link up on Friday, when I and those who choose to participate reveal the before and after pics of this week's challenge.


Laundry is just a part of life. Everyone does laundry...either in a hallway, utility room, in the garage, in a bathroom, or at the laundromat down the street. Laundry's not a glamorous, but can be oh so satisfying. Do you agree? Don't you love the smell of fresh towels? Do you love to fold and sort? Do you look forward to hanging whites out the line on a bright sunny day? Perhaps I'm speaking in hyperbole, but I think we can all agree that the rewards of completed laundry are comforting.

A clean and organized laundry room only makes our job easier, doesn't it? However, more often than not, you will find lint bunnies, detergent drips, stray socks, and scattered cleaning products strew across the tiny space I have dedicated to the almost daily practice of washing and drying. It's time to make the most of the space I have. Won't you join me?


1. Remove everything from your shelves. Wipe down; sweep and mop. Start with a clean slate!

2. Take inventory of all cleaning products, spray bottles, and various supplies. Simplify by throwing away and/or combining multiples of repeat products.

3. Southern Living's 10 Ways To Organize a Laundry Room gives ideas for various sizes and styles of laundry spaces.

4. Consider creative ways to conceal unsightly cleaning products ad containers, especially if your laundry space is a thoroughfare. The YoungHouseLove folks did it this way.

5. Base your organization on your system for laundry and cleaning. Consider your process to determine your needs.

6. If you have little ones helping you with laundry, make sure all chemicals and cleaning supplies are out of reach, and properly labeled.

7. Baskets, inexpensive plastic tubs, and buckets can be useful for sorting and containing unsightly rags and dishtowels.

8. If space permits, consider installing a small line or pole for hanging small articles to dry.

9. Consider adding a few elements of decor or color to your laundry space. Why not your "work" room more attractive?

10. Take pics and prepare to share on Friday!

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Simply Nesting
Simply Nesting


Again, thanks to all of you encouraging and joining in! Let's do it all to God's glory!

Happy simplifying....and have a wonderful Monday!

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