Simply Nesting: Wk. 2 {The Linen Closet}

Thanks to all of you who participated in last week's challenge! The rest of my house may still be in chaos, but by golly, I've got an organized pantry!! :) Hopefully, the rest of you are inspired, and will join us this week...

...for The Linen Closet!

The linen closet, or whatever you may call it in your home, is the place where you store sheets, towels, extra blankets, and sometimes toiletries and various sundries. I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel overwhelmed when I see linen or bathroom closet makeovers that look like this:

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My linen closet will likely never look like this for a few reasons: 1) I don't have enough space to allow stacks to be freestanding in pretty little piles, 2) My linens do not all coordinate, 3) I often have little helpers who put linens away.

But...the goal here, in our challenge to simplify and organize, is NOT to have a model home; it is to be good stewards of form and function. The principle is this: We don't have to have nicer things to begin taking care of our homes. It matters less what the actual value of our possessions are, but more the manner in which we care for what we are given. With that in mind, let's strive this week, to make the space and the resources we have work for us once again.


1. Remove all contents of linen closet and sort by function/type.

2. Determine which sets of sheets are being used, and which remain untouched year after year. Generally, no more than 2-3 sets are necessary.

3. Check each set of sheets for holes, stains, and general usability. Launder if necessary and fold neatly. You can find directions for folding fitted sheets here. Stack in sets. (One idea is to stack a set within one pillowcase of the set to keep it neatly together and easily accessible.)

4. Organize and sort towels. Check for any towels that are worn out and ready for the stash of rags in the garage or utility room. Launder towels if needed, and fold neatly in coordinating stacks or according to use. You can find good directions for folding towels here.

5. Shop your own home for baskets and containers you already have, for organizing random toiletries/sundries that need to be stored in your linen closet. Don't be afraid to toss or give away lotions or soaps you have no intention of using. However, if you have houseguests often, consider putting together a basket of away-from-home toiletries for your guests to use.

6. If you feel inspired, consider making (or purchasing) small sachets with lavender, for your newly organized linen closet. There's nothing like fragrant and fresh sheets and towels!

7. Take pics and prepare to link up and share your nesting efforts on Friday! Don't forget to grab the button below if you want to share the challenge on your blog!

Simply Nesting
Simply Nesting


Enjoy simplifying! Thanks for nesting with me!

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