Simply Nesting: Wk 1 {The Pantry}

I'm not sure if it's more accountability for you or for me, but either way, as I told you on Friday, I am beginning a 4 week challenge here on GraceLaced. Four weeks is about all the time I've got left to organize and simplify my life before baby Cinco arrives. Wanna join me? I really hope you do...for your encouragement, but also for my that I'm not the only one fessing up about how disorganized I can be!

If you have a blog of your own, read through each Monday's post for these four week, schedule time to complete the project, and post on your accomplishment on Friday of each week. Visit my post each Friday for before/after pics of my nesting efforts, and you'll have an opportunity to link your blog post up to mine! I've never done a "blog-hop" or link-up, but have seen how fun it can be to get to know other bloggers and people who have like minds or interests. {Leave me a comment here if you plan to link up. If no one participates, then I'll just enjoy my own little project here for the next four weeks! :)}

If you choose to join me on this nesting venture, grab the button below by cutting and pasting the code on your blog so others can join in the fun! I hope this will be the giddy-up you need, as our goal is not to be perfect, but to be diligent day by day.

Simply Nesting
Simply Nesting


So, today, I present to you our project for Week 1: The Pantry.

If you have a clean and organized pantry, you can excuse yourself now, and go have a latte while you pat yourself on the back.

For the rest of us, this is the week we'll be reclaiming this most frequented spot in our home. Perhaps you find yourself buying items at the grocery store that you already have, but just can't find. Maybe things seem to move from one shelf to another because little hands attempt to put things away. Whatever the condition of your pantry, see this as motivation to get this much-used space to work for you.


1. Pull everything out of your pantry.

2. Wipe and scrub shelves. Mop the floor.

3. Sort all pantry items by type/cuisine/use/etc. Don't forget to check the expiration date! If you haven't used it in a year, throw it away or give it to a neighbor!

4. Group opened packages (ie. chocolate chips, raisins, nuts, etc.) by use, and seal closed either in ziploc baggies or with twist ties. I like to combine odds and ends ingredients in plastic shoebox containers to preserve freshness and so that I can find them easily.

5. If you buy in bulk, consider purchasing plastic or glass containers for storing flour, sugar, rice, cereal, etc. Creative DIY labels can be found herehere, and here.

6. Replace pantry items back on shelves with the following considerations:

a. What should be accessible for the kids? (cereal, lunch fillers, etc.)

b. What should not be accessible to the kids? (glass jars, gummi snacks, anything chocolate...)

c. Are the items you use most readily accessible, or do things topple over when you try and get to them? {'Cuz that would not be considered "readily accessible." :)}

7. Stand back and admire your work! Oh, and teach your family the method to your madness!

8. Take pics, and share your post on Friday!

Have fun, and thanks for nesting along with me!


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