The Significance of the Seraphim: Featuring the Work of Jake and Hannah Weidmann

The Significance of the Seraphim: Featuring the Work of Jake and Hannah Weidmann

"Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory." -- Isaiah 6:3


It’s my joy to share the work of my friend, Master Penman, Jake Weidmann and his talented wife, Hannah Weidmann, owner of Everyday Heirloom. Our two families live on opposites sides of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, but we’ve had the pleasure of spending time with the Weidmann’s at their home studio, meeting their children, and introducing the Simons boys to the art process behind Jake’s calligraphy, painting, drawing, sculpture, and engraving.

I received their “Seraphim” necklace in gold --a gift I will treasure always. I speak and write a lot about worship --truly worshiping Christ in our everyday lives. The seraphim were beings with a posture of reverence and humility before a holy God, and this piece reminds me to align my heart with that kind of awe and wonder.

Pastor Joseph Carroll wrote of the Seraphim: “Each had six wings: two to cover his face, two to cover his feet, and two to fly, to carry out the will of the One worshiped. I wonder why he did not fly with six? If you have most Christians today six wings, what would they want to do? Go as fast they could! But where? Oh, no, four are to prepare for worship; only two are for is always the same order: worship before service.” (How to Worship Jesus Christ by Joseph S. Carroll) 

I want you to hear the heart and artistic process behind this collectible, wearable art piece. You can find Jake on Instagram, Everyday Heirloom Co. on Instagram, and visit the Everyday Heirloom Co. shop. Welcome, Jake and Hannah...


"There is a deeper understanding of freedom in Christ when we live out our calling and use our gifts. I’m learning this daily through Everyday Heirloom and I’m so grateful I have My Artist — a husband who gently, strongly, bravely leads me through the process of taking inventory of these gifts and employing them.

Jake is the reason EH exists — he saw within me untapped gifts and he declared: “It’s time.  It’s time your gifts are no longer covered but dis-covered, known, and surrendered. It’s time you press into your (our) greater purpose.” Everyday Heirloom is the result of surrendering our artistic gifts to the One who gave them and what we have found is abounding freedom.

Everyday Heirloom has been carved out by God’s kindness, grace, and mercy and I hope you, too, partake in the fruit of our surrender.  I hope what you find within the EH Collection is joy, peace, encouragement, and that the reality of heaven is tangibly at hand in our everyday lives

One of our latest designs, the Seraphim, began as a project with the question, “what would it look like for us to design an heirloom cross?” Something that could be passed down through the generations...While we dreamt, researched, prayed, sketched through what this might look like, another familiar imagery came to us: wings.

If you have followed our work for any length of time, you’ll have seen the six-foot set of hand-carved wings Jake crafted as a wedding gift for me that bring Proverbs 17:8 and 36:7 to life, under which we were married and now reside above our marriage bed. Or the numerous flourished bird paintings and drawings within Jake’s fine art collection. Wings have been a scriptural symbol of God’s intimate faithfulness and an element He has personally brought to life for us throughout our marriage. It seems fitting that He would give us yet another set of wings in the Seraphim design.

While we do plan on crafting a signature EH cross in the future, another unique design emerged as a commission from the Holy Spirit in the form of the Seraphim. (Remember that idea of surrender?) What we thought we were supposed to pursue turned into another piece altogether... The Seraphim was sketched and prayed over in the quiet, unseen space of our studio and we’re now reverently bringing it into the light to share it with you as a tiny wearable sculpture.

"Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory." - Isaiah 6:3

The prophet Isaiah tells us that the seraphim are six-winged angels who surround God as He sits upon His exalted throne and who worship God continually. The seraphim do not address God directly but call out to each other in God’s presence. The word “seraphim” is the plural form of the Hebrew root word “seraph,” which means, “to burn.” These attendant angels burn with love for God.

The seraphim use a three-fold repetition of God’s holiness. In ancient Judaism, the number three signified completeness and stability.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Raised on the third day.

This hand-carved six-winged necklace pendant folds over itself three times, echoing God's supreme holiness and glory as these heavenly beings do. Also reminiscent of the wings covering the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Holy of Holies, this modern tri-fold depiction of wings whispers the truth that we are the now the Tabernacle, the tent of meeting: we now find communion with God in the innermost part of our being. We are home of the Holy Spirit in whom he dwells (John 14:17).

This design was originally carved out of wax by Jake under a powerful microscope which we then cast reproductions and polish each by hand. This was the very first piece within the EH collection of its kind and we’ve continued to design and craft these tiny wearable sculptures that share beauty and truth through the highest level of skill, craftsmanship, and story-telling. 

Our mission with Everyday Heirloom Co. is to infuse beauty into our daily lives; creating a legacy in the midst of the ordinary. While we are capturing your stories in tangible heirlooms, our aim is to encourage you to craft your story with intention --live a powerful, lasting legacy right in the middle of everyday life."

 Thanks to Hannah and Jake for sharing their heart and artistic process. You can find Jake on Instagram, Everyday Heirloom Co. on Instagram, and visit the Everyday Heirloom Co. shop.


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