Christmas always turns out to be a bigger blessing than expected. Our family was showered with needs and wants and much love. Among our favorite gifts this year were: a new vacuum cleaner, espresso machine, wooden pretend kitchen for number two, LEGOS, and this DVD set. It's unbelieveable how blessed we were by each of our loved ones! This year, many of my family received handmade gifts, most of which were purses, aprons, or tea cozies. The kids received blankets and some colored-pencil rolls . I think (and hope!) they were well received and loved. Much love was stitched into each piece. In fact, on my last project I managed to run the needle through my index finger for the first time. Blood, sweat, and a few tears. Note to self: Next time, don't yank your finger out when you've run it into the sewing machine. Ouch.

For my sister-in-law, Cara, a Chinese brocade and zebra print purse and apron "for play," plus a matching wallet and other goodies tucked inside.



My sister-in-law, Abby, received this chocolate/aqua purse with a tea cozy inside. I'm especially in love with the flittery flower on the front pocket constructed of the herringbone knit used for the purse lining.



My mother-in-law received a tea cozy and matching apron. The lining of the cozy is a crimson/gold weave.
For my little niece, Julieanne, who loves to be a pirate: a pirate tote--lined with girly flowers. Inside is a colored-pencil roll made of piratey flannel.

And this sweet bag turned out too feminine for anyone I know...maybe I'll keep it or sell it sometime.
I know the perfect person to give this rosy purse to...
My finger was stitched during the final stages of a quilt I made for my son. It was his version of transformers: the entire quilt can be folded and tucked into a pillow pocket, transforming it into a fluffy pillow! (sorry, no picture!)
Hope you and your family had a memorable Christmas.
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