With a second round of antibiotics going, I think I'm finally on the mend. A massive sinus infection and very swollen eardrums definitely have not assisted with the first trimester nausea either. I'm so thankful for my four little gentlemen that have taken such good care of me the last two weeks. Pouring up glasses of water, rubbing my back, cleaning up the schoolroom and starting school on their own...these boys have blessed me. Their dad has stepped in and made his share of breakfast for dinner, tuna patties, and spaghetti. Friends have provided dinners. And, one sweet sister-in-law took it upon herself to clean out and organize my closet while I slept curled up in my bed. All this showering of kindness so that I can get a little more rest.

Would we take note of the faithful provision and great showering of servanthood in our lives if not for the seasons of weakness and inability? Would we be so enamored with little loving fingers and kisses if we were not forced to stop and slow down? Nothing is wasted. Ever. The Lord makes opportunity to give, and the opportunity to receive.

Praise him whatever season you are in--you can be blessed today, and be a blessing as well.

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