Renovations: The Last Seven Weeks

Renovations: The Last Seven Weeks

Everyone warned me about remodels and renos. I knew it would be especially difficult when you are doing all the work yourselves, on a tight budget, in a house full of children, and within a short time frame. Throw in Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a 40th birthday, and we've got a well-rounded season of stretching and opportunity for patience-training. :) And so, here we are...week seven, and days before my sweet husband's 40th birthday. Floors are done, counters are going in tomorrow, baseboards are in and caulked, ceilings and walls are tape, textured, and painted. There's still much to go, but I thought I'd show you the progress...

Our front room/kitchen used to look like this:


Front Room Libraray DSC_0083


Not anymore! We took out the wall dividing the front room and the kitchen, the archway, and the pantry that ran along another wall.


photo (29)

The planking on the floor is covering the section of the foundation we cut in order to move plumbing from upstairs. Yes...this was quite the project. :)

photo (28)

Everything was spiffed up in time to host a Thanksgiving celebration for families without families in town... _DSC0008


After Thanksgiving, we drywalled, textured, and began painting...the tile was busted out as well. Whew, busting out tile is a SERIOUS deal..._DSC0019

In between Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, we continued to school at home, eek out meals, and work on weekends. The progress was s.l.o.w.

Remodel stage 2

Wood floors were glued down and an island constructed from stock cabinets and covered with beadboard-like wood paneling...


And just this week, cabinets are getting painted, and installed. We are going for a custom look with all stock cabinets...don't you love them? The standard cabinets were raised and a floating shelf will be constructed where the cabinets used to be...



Have no fear...of course we'll be ready for a party this Saturday. :)


Happy New Year, friends. Thanks for journeying with me here on GraceLaced. For reading, commenting, sharing, and being an encouragement to me as we find grace in both the glorious and the messy moments of real life.


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