I sewed another outfit. Lest you think I sew all the time, I don't. This week's outfit was the culmination of being homebound with sick children, being out of touch with my computer in the shop, and being too nauseous to cook and entertain. A lovely byproduct from what otherwise was an unlovely and unproductive week. Though a little eccentric, this outfit ranks high on the comfort scale, and makes me feel like a bud in Spring. Okay, maybe I should say, a bulb in Spring. Anyhow, it was a part sewing/part refashioning project. I had purchased a fine but outdated heather grey jersey knit dress at Goodwill awhile back for a couple bucks. I knew I wanted to turn it into something else, but didn't feel inspired. In my stash were a few yards of Amy Butler fabrics that I had purchased for apron sales, but really spoke to me as fashion fabrics. So when the opportunity presented itself this week, I cut off the sleeves, the neck, the bodice, and the skirt of this Goodwill dress (wish I had before/after pictures!), and added swatches from the Amy Butler collection. The pockets on the top were made from the sleeves of the dress. The skirt waistband was reconstructed from the empire waist of the bodice. I intended for the pieces to go together, although I think I prefer them separate. Hopefully, I have now inspired all of you to create and recreate. Go to your closet first: the patterns, fit, and sometimes fabric you need, can be found right there. Take note of such wardrobe residents, and the next time you have endless hours at home with sick children, you'll know what to do.

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