They descended upon our bedroom to announce the arrival {at last!} of Christmas morning. But in their flurry of excitement, our boys didn't ask to open presents this Christmas morn; they asked to give them. Between construction paper, glitter, popsicle sticks, and scribbles, we were showered with loving handmade gifts from each of the boys. But, nothing could've quite prepared us for the gifts crafted for us by Number 1, who at 7, really understood the joy of gift giving this year. Without prompting, suggestion, or assistance, Number 1 got up early and stayed up late for several days to write and illustrate short stories for his dad and me. Some gifts leave you feeling unworthy of such honor...this was surely that kind of gift.


"A Strange Case For Dr. Mike"




"The Golden Ship"



...sisters--three to be exact--were written into this story about our family...


"Aye, aye, Captain Mom!"


This same sweet boy almost burst with joy to receive his own ESV Bible.


Number 2 giving hugs for his new compass carabiner.


Number 3 finding it equally blessed to receive as it is to give, apparently.


And, after all was given and unwrapped, Number 4 still considered a plastic storage container the most enjoyable of all...especially when brother made a "tray" for him with the lid, and gave unlimited rides for free.


I hope each of you had a very blessed Christmas. We are unworthy of the gift of Christmas--the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Christ--but, praise God, we receive because He's chosen to give.

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