Real (and unreal) Life

This last week without the Man Of The House was not nearly as triumphant and memorable as the last time. Unlike previous occasions that were marked by visits with family and friends, this last week felt lonely and isolating. God was gracious, however, to turn many cloudy moments into bright memories...and to give victory over the nagging shadows that can so often creep in uninvited. One afternoon, after experiencing a morning of disappointments, the boys and I sat down at the kitchen table and purposed to have fun. The kids purposed to make a creative mess. I purposed to enjoy it (the inevitable debris, that is.) Armed with a hot glue gun, craft sticks, sheets of foam, and googly eyes, we set out to create a little world where potty training was a breeze, brothers never fought, and mothers always had the right attitude. In this little world, 7 yr. olds could carry serrated knives and pistols while camping, 2 yr. olds have snakes and drills as accessories, and 4 yr. olds can drive their daddy's Jeep. Welcome to our puppet family.






Our imaginary story-filled life in the woods culminated in a day trip to the mountains with church friends in celebration of Number 3's third birthday. With all his family friends present, the little snake and drill-toting boy hardly noticed that daddy wasn't yet home. The beauty of His creation was much more astounding in real were the unique and charming qualities of my four little man-cubs.





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