Reaching Your 0-3 Yr. Old With The Bible

Do you tend to think that little ones (who don't read and may not even talk yet) are too young to understand God's Word? Nothing could be further from the truth! I'm kicking off a series on how to read the Bible with children through the ages over at The Better Mom today. My post today shares tips and resources for reaching your 0-3 yr. olds:

"If you’ve been around a child between newborn to 3 yrs. old, you know the words that characterize this age group: curious, short attention spans, unable to sit still, energetic, noisy, playful, inquisitive. If you tend to think of the Bible as dry, boring, academic, serious, and complicated, then reading the Bible with your infant or toddler may seem like a practice in futility. However, if you know God’s word to be a vibrant, adventurous, humorous, inspired story of God’s redemptive love…well, then you will find reading the Bible to your little one to be a life-transforming investment for both you as the parent, and your children."

Please join me at The Better Mom today for all my tips and recommendations for capturing the heart of your littlest ones with the Bible!

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