Random Things To Share

We've been enjoying Spring Break with my in-laws in the southern part of the state. The only two glitches have been my persistent cough and congestion, and the fact that we left my entire suitcase at home. Unfortunate, when the town you are visiting for a week has but a Walmart, and no maternity clothes to speak of. Thankfully, I've made do with several s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y items of clothing from the clearance racks. I've been mindful to not complain, as the world prays and mourns with Japan. A forgotten suitcase is hardly an inconvenience, relatively speaking. I'll post some pictures next week. Of our trip...not of my makeshift wardrobe, thank you. :)

A couple of random things to share today, before I leave you for the weekend:

1. GraceLaced has been chosen to be a part of a Christian network of blogs called FaithBlogs. I'm honored to be a part of this group of bloggers, as they are a network of insightful, artistic, and committed Christians. GraceLaced will be featured on the homepage sometime this coming week, but for now, you can find me under several of their blog categories.

2. A big thank you to all of you who have linked, "liked", subscribed, and commented on this blog lately. I love reading your comments! Thank you so much for leaving feedback, insights, and suggestions. It's especially fun when I meet new readers through comments...so thank you! I have been so surprised and thankful for all the traffic that has come along.

3. I'm also very thankful to my sponsors this month. They are Hip Stitch, The Specialty Shop, St. James Tearoom, and Jenster76. Please take a moment and visit their sites!

4. Last but not least...

I have a proposal for you today.

With only 6 weeks left to go before baby Cinco arrives, I've got organizing and simplifying on the brain. Perhaps it's because I know what's coming. Even the simplest of tasks seem unmanageable and difficult to keep up with during those early months with a newborn. How much more so when everyday areas of your home remain disorderly and chaotic?

So, I invite you to join me for the next four weeks, as I tackle one area of my home a week in effort to simplify and organize. This is how it will work:

Starting this Monday, I will post a new cleaning/organizational project each Monday for the next four weeks. Each Monday post will include objectives, tips, and steps for accomplishing the project by Friday of each week.

Should you choose to accept the challenge, you will work on the project over the course of the week, and check in on Friday to see the before/after results of all those who decided to participate! I'll be posting my own before and after photos, and there will be an opportunity for you to link up to your own before/after blog posts.

Join me, won't you please? I'll have a nifty button on Monday for you to copy and paste on your blog if you'd like to share this four week nesting project with your friends and community!

See you Monday for all the details on our first project!

I told you it was a random post! Even the photos have nothing to do with anything. :)

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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