Raising boys {What's My Secret?}

Raising boys {What's My Secret?}

“What’s your secret?” someone recently commented, and asked if the Simons boys just get along really well or how I made that happen...

My answer was this: The boys get along like Troy and I get along —fussing and arguing over dumb stuff regularly, repenting and reconciling daily, forgiving and forging on in the love and kindness when we don’t always feel like it. 

And my secret? It’s simply that I no longer expect them (or Troy and I) to get along perfectly, without discomfort or conflict. When I look at it THAT way, then, yes - they get along really well. 

The above picture is our annual piano recital pic, and I’m increasingly aware that they’re growing up —most in that bumpy everyday place where we think nothing will ever change. It does, friends. It certainly does. 

Post originally appeared on Instagram on December 16, 2017

Because of grace,

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