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Sometimes I receive questions from readers, the answers to which I hope may encourage and benefit others here at GraceLaced. I'm an unfinished work, and do not have wisdom in all things...but I count it a privilege to share here. You are welcome to contact me with your questions!


Hi Ruth!

I found your blog recently, and have been so touched and encouraged by what I've read. Thank you for being so transparent and willing to share.

Can I ask you what your time alone with God looks like? Do you have an order in which you go in or some sort of structure? When reading the Word, do you read the Bible only or do you use study guides? And if you use the Bible only, how do you choose which book in the Bible to read. Do you journal as you go along? This has been such a struggle for me lately. I want to grow in my walk with the Lord so much, and I'm failing miserably right now. (Where might you tell a new person in Christ to start reading in the Bible?)

Thanks, Ruth. Blessings on your weekend with your precious family!

I so appreciate this question about time in the Word. It is an area of great challenge in my own life through these many years of child-rearing. I grew up with very little discipleship and almost no discipline. I then leaned towards legalism until I really understood the Gospel and the grace of God. It's amazing how a life-long commitment to earning favor, responding in guilt, or giving up, can form a cycle that is difficult to break. That's my story...

So onto the details:

I currently read the Proverbs daily (corresponding to the day of the month) and working my way through Phillipians (reading entire book once a day, but focusing on a few verses day by day...) My hubby is preaching in Philippians so it helps.

I used to use the MacArthur Bible study guides which are small and good with historical and biblical info. I tend to get more out of a study like that with others, while benefiting more personally from reading Scripture for memory and meditation, followed by a daily dose of Spurgeon's Mornings and Evenings. (It's so good!) I do not currently keep a devotional journal.

I think each person really has to look at the balance between more discipline (so as to use self-control and routine) and reading the Word to simply BE with the Lord. We so often miss the JOY and delight of being with Him by being so focused on doing something for Him. Worship is the goal of our quiet time, not service...this is what I remind myself daily.

Some resources:

Shopping For Time is a good resource on prioritizing in a woman's life. I wrote this post about getting up at 5:45am to have time alone in the Word. (I don't currently get up at 5:45am!)

How To Worship Jesus Christ is a fabulous little book on true worship. I wrote about being rooted deeply to the Living Water here.

The Gospel Primer is a great concise book that helps you preach the Gospel to yourself each day. The Preacher wrote this post about saturating our homes with God's Word.

If you are in a dry season in your walk with the Lord, or if you feel discouraged in your study of the Word...take heart! He is not through with you yet! :) Ask the Lord for more desire for Him and for His Word. That is my prayer for myself. He is worthy! 

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