Putty Walls

The family room: where the family camps out, hosts Bible Studies, cuddles and reads throughout the day, watches an occasional movie, listens to Celtic reels, relives old memories through albums, and sits by the fire while the man of the house picks his guitar. It is both our family haven and our sphere of hospitality; it serves as both a romantic corner for tea and cookies after-hours, as well as open space for the kids to get their energy out before bed. The walls of this room bear witness to many an argument followed by the laying down of arms. If they could speak, they would share insightful stories of the losses and joys overheard from the lives of those who've found safety to share within this home. And with the arrival of each new life, this room becomes the still and silent setting for many a sleepless night, early wake, or comfort for a sick child. It is with all this in mind that we've transformed our living room from robin's egg blue, chocolate, and red, to a calming putty. The color is actually called "Squirrel" by Behr, but it evokes the cool, but soothing feel of mud, clay, and river rocks. The painting I did last weekend feels right at home here. The absence of a toy box and the presence of special objects provides an opportunity for the boys to learn respect for grown-up space while still feeling welcome as energetic children...and insures that all toys are picked up and taken back upstairs each night. My family room is where I work, play, teach, care, host, and now, rest.

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