Psalms: Praises, Prayers + Songs

Psalms: Praises, Prayers + Songs

The most valuable thing the Psalms do for me is to express the same delight in God which made David dance. ― C.S. Lewis

Have you ever sat down with the Bible and had a Psalm speak right to your heart? Seem so applicable to a life circumstance you're in? Describe exactly how you're feeling? This is the beauty of the book of Psalms—it meets us in unique ways. This collection of praises, prayers, and songs is designed to point us to Jesus.

We're highlighting a collection of Psalms in the GraceLaced Shoppe and it got me thinking... so here's one praise, one prayer, and one song I'm reflecting on today. 


You, my friend, are a work of art.

Before you list off the imperfections you see, here's some perspective... the French artist Edgar Degas once said, "Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." It's an expression of what is most valuable to the one creating it. Art gives form to the stories the artist wants to tell. You are God's art—the work of His hands, made to bring Him glory!

So, let's praise Him for being fearfully and wonderfully made by a generous Creator!


We have to ask for what we know is possible.

No simple solution, clean house, job promotion, behaving children, trim waistline, or dream-realized will ever satisfy like God’s unfailing love. So, as we work as unto the Lord, aim to glorify Him in all we do and bring our best to the table, let’s never find our satisfaction and joy in the temporary circumstances and successes.

His love is the only eternal thing that never lets us down.

We were made to be satisfied and glad in Him, even in sorrow, loss, and pain—so let's ask Him in prayer to be our greatest satisfaction. 


Sometimes we need to grab ahold of ourselves, preach the truth of His faithfulness to our own hearts, and tell our souls what to do:

“I sing for joy at what Your hands have done.” 

Let’s start here...when we feel weary.
...when we think our prayers aren’t answered
...when waiting is hard

Why? Because all joy and gladness find their anchor in God’s faithfulness.


Psalms are special and they lead us to Jesus over and over. Check out our entire collection of Psalms for encouragement to keep praising, praying, and singing!

Because of grace, 


Some of these thoughts first appeared in GraceLaced, and on Instagram in January and August of 2018.

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