Posy Pin Tutorial

Flower pins, flower barrettes, flower necklaces, flower headbands...they are everywhere! Here's one version of the handmade flower accessory that can be used in all sorts of ways. So, get your supplies together, and give it a try.

You will need:

silky, polyester fabric (ie. satin, organza, etc.) beading, or super fine needle pearly beads hot glue gun felt pin or clip backings, barrettes, or headband tealight tongs or clothespin


1. Cut roundish petals of various sizes from your fabric. The circles don't need to be perfect--they look better when they aren't!

2. With your tongs, carefully hold each petal just close enough to the flame of your tealight to slightly melt the edges of your fabric. Turn, and seal all edges of the petal. The edges of your petals should curl up slightly as they melt. If your fabric is bubbling and looking gnarly *technical crafting term,* you've gotten too close to the flame.

3. Assemble and stack your sealed petals to form flowers. The more petals, the fuller the flower, naturally.

4. Using a fine needle, stitch the layers of petals together, adding one or more beads as the center of your flower.

5. Cut a small circle of felt. If you plan to cluster several flowers, you may want to lay them out, then cut a piece of felt that will fit accordingly.

6. Hot glue one or more flowers to your felt backing.

7. The pin backing can be attached either by cutting slits in the felt prior to Step 5, or as shown here: hot glued to felt, then reinforced with another piece of felt.

Alternatively, you can stop short of Step 7, and attach your flower to a headband, a necklace, a hair clip, or just about anything that could use a bit of that little flower love. And, just to clarify, this is not the same flower that was featured on this necklace, which is made with cotton. We'll get to that project next time...

See...so easy. Have fun making your posies!

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