Post-Christmas Thoughts

Teaching the children in church today about God's desire, from the beginning, to redeem humanity through Christ, was a befitting bookend to the slightly-blurry-post-natal-Christmas season which began with the arrival of our fourth son in November.  And now...the songs have been sung, the munchies crunched, and the wrapping paper's put away. We've surprised one another with unexpected gifts, and we've had our yearly post-Christmas family caucus on gratefulness and holding material possessions lightly.  Some traditions fell to the wayside this year, while new traditions and memories surfaced.   You might recall what Troy was preaching during the Advent season last year.  This year, two chapters later in Matthew, he is at the closing of the Sermon on the Mount, and I am aware, more than ever, that my kingdom is not His Kingdom...that Christmas is the celebration of that Kingdom conquering our own.  

So, as you take down the tree, burn the Christmas calories, and ration your children's new toys, may you be mindful of God's promise to redeem sinful man...from the beginning...and how that truth matters today, and every day until next Christmas.

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