Poor Mama no more

Poor Mama no more

“Your poor mama,” said the lady at the store tonight, when Mancub number 5 told her he had five brothers and no sisters. I overheard their conversation, and smiled knowingly. There was a time when I would’ve felt annoyed, offended, or somehow shorted by her reaction and my own FOMO. But not tonight.

The thing she doesn’t know, is that we are poorest when our pride + demand for comfort form our expectations, and richest when we call our unique stories what they are: an utter gift...

The more I realize that I DESERVE nothing, and ALL is grace, the more I find myself gratefully wanting what I already have. Even when it’s hard, imperfect, uncomfortable, or outright putting my weaknesses on center stage...the story God is writing in our lives is the exact one in which He reveals the fullness of our riches in Christ.

Poor mama no more...But, let us be poor in Spirit, Lord, cuz we know the fullness of Your Kingdom (so much better than our own) is OUR BLESSING BEYOND MEASURE. 

(Photo taken by my dear friend Joy Prouty of Wildflowers Photos)

Post originally appeared on Instagram on November 9, 2017

Because of grace,

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