Poetry In Motion

Number 1 has taken to writing poetry lately.  It all started on the last day of school when a real writer came to his class and led the students in a multi-sensory poetry writing exercise. (Love our school...that even the last day of class is purposeful!) The introduction to poetry left a great impression on Number 1, as he was eager for me to read his poem written that day. Here it is in it's original form, save a few spelling corrections:

My Special Poem

Out comes the air of the lantern Sounds of bleating of the lambs is now coming Out comes the cries of people crying for the Lord, the Son of God Now out comes the smell of spices and perfumes The Lord is buried Out comes the air.

I'm biased, as he is my child; but nevertheless, I was in awe. His words were thoughtful, simple, hauntingly significant, and, well, poetic. To cultivate a wonder in the mystery of expression is invaluable in a day and time when expression is but a game of multiple choice between prepackaged options.

These days you can find my firstborn under the arbor in the afternoons, writing poems about airplanes and Texas. (Texas, no joke. Something about parched ground and cowboys...) It moves me...all of it. Because it's his. How do your kids surprise you in their ability to creatively express themselves?

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