Plane-Watching on His Birthday

We celebrated Number 2's birthday last week in style...

Okay, not exactly. :) We boarded a Lear 45x for a tour, but we never left the ground. Number 2 requested a trip to a local FBO to watch the planes come in and take off. The Preacher has instilled a great admiration of planes in the boys, so it wasn't surprising to find ourselves spending a birthday morning at an airport. (Don't ever underestimate free activities on birthdays!)

The Lear 45x was the corporate jet for the execs of Dillard's department stores, and its pilot was so intrigued by our *little* family hanging out at the airport for a birthday, that he offered us a tour while the big-wigs were in a meeting. I told The Preacher that we needed one...who needs an 8 passenger SUV when a jet can seat just as many!? :)

The birthday boy was grateful and surprised when they brought out a little gift for him as well.

It's encouraging when your family's a blessing to others, and not a nuisance.

Time spent together doing a simple something that everyone loves...

...all that's needed for a memorable celebration of 7 years.

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