Pinteresting...I'm Inviting!

Many of you may already know about Pinterest. I, frankly, ignored it initially thinking it was another web obsession and time waster. I suppose it can be, but now I'm discovering that it is a fantastic and fun way to keep your web findings and interests catalogued and at your fingertips. It's really quite an ingenious time saver, really. Remember when you used to rip out pages of magazines and save them in a binder as inspiration for a redecorating project, dinner party, or places you wanted to visit? Well, this is the way it's done now. Aren't we modern.

I played around a bit, and gathered some of my favorite inspirations for grey/neutral interiors...which you know I so adore. You can find this board here.

I also started pinning some recipes I want to remember to make this summer...I love having them catalogued by photos. You can find this yummy board here.

All my boards on Pinterest can be found here.

Pinterest is by invitation only. I have the opportunity to invite 6 friends. The first six of you who leave a comment letting me know you'd like to be invited will be my picks!

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