photography and previously unposted pretty pictures.

A good photograph can tell a story or convey a mood in such a unique way.  Today, our family made a special purchase we've saved up for in cash!  We purchased our first "real" camera--a Nikon D60--just in time for the upcoming little toes, wrinkled nose, and tiny yawns.  Now that we've made the leap from a point and shoot, I finally feel as if I can capture more accurately what it is my mind's eye actually sees.  I'm an artist, and a is a wonder I've never taken up photography.  In honor of good photography, compliments of a great photographer, I'm posting photos of some previous events. I never shared about the diaper bag I made for my dear friend who had this adorable baby a few months ago.  I absolutely loved how it turned out, with its vibrant assortment of Amy Butler fabrics.  I didn't follow a pattern, or record how I made it's truly one of a kind, not to be repeated again!

Abby's baby shower two weekends ago was festively Fall and deliciously warm...which my camera could not capture.  Here are some much better photos of the event.

My sweet sis-in-law getting ready to reveal the baby sling.

Chocolate and caramel apples on a Fall menu, of course.

How much do I love Trader Joe's?

A surprisingly delectable butternut squash soup with cheese ravioli and a touch of red chile...

...finished with a drizzle of molasses....mmmm.

Girl-food extraordinaire:  chocolate covered strawberries with almonds!

Baked brie encroute, again.

And with the aroma of mulled cider, this was a perfectly cozy shower.

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