Perspective To Thrive

It may be January, but this past weekend saw high's of upper 50s.

The family soaked up the sunshine, the rustling leaves of a deciduous forest, and the nippy morning air with a (what is becoming a regular) trek down by the river. The Preacher, having passed the baby to me from the backpack carrier, says to the older boys:

"Guys, stop for a minute and let's get down at ground level. This is a different perspective than we're used to, isn't it? This is what the coyote sees. And even lower, this is what the squirrel sees. In the wild, sometimes a changed perspective is the difference between finding food or not finding food. It's the difference between thriving and surviving."

The boys eagerly crouched low to the ground, and tried out the perspective from the new vantage point, and wished they could attempt that of an eagle's.

So much of taking note is about changing our perspective. Our daily lives become new windows for viewing God's faithfulness at work.

A disobedient child is not a thorn...he's an opportunity. What feels like endless waiting for God's provision is a trial that produces perseverance. A broken-down dream is the foundation to rebuild another. A change in perspective can be the difference between thriving and surviving.

Lord, grant me the change in perspective today. You are the change in my perspective today.

May your weekend be blessed with a changed point of view! See you on Monday for GraceLaced Mondays.


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