Owl Nursery On My Mind

Up until about a week ago, we had not planned to repaint the nursery for Baby Cinco. It felt like a lot of effort for the fifth time.

But then it occurred to me that it's...THE FIFTH TIME. A possible last time. Not just another baby boy. He's a unique baby. A brand new experience for the 5th time.

So, we're gearing up for a final nesting push. An owl nest, to be specific. For inspiration, I've put together a selection of favorite picks of owl art found on etsy. I promise to share more as I formulate a transformation plan. It'll have to be in the next few weeks...because that's all I've got left!

1. New Glasses For School

2. Owls on Blue Collage

3. Vintage Owl Wall Hanging

4. Retro Owls

5. Fantasy Tree

6. Retro Owl on Bicycle

7. Custom Owl Print

8. Old School Owl

9. Baby Nursery Owl Print

10. Owl Family Printed on Dictionary Page

11. Red Hawk Owl

12. Wise Owl Wall Art

13. Owl Print on 1890 Book Page

Hope your weekend's a hoot!

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